Evan Coleman aka

Zombies in the Basement



Hailing from Chicago, Evan Coleman - aka Zombies In The Basement - set out to create a unique, intricate, and diverse sound, by blending Afro Funk, Deep Jazz, and Latin House music. His current mix featuring Zoey Shmulevitz on guitar pulls all of those genres together. Zoey’s bebop jazz licks, twist and bounce over the cool Latin vibes resulting in one burning hot set.

Hear the set @Soundcloud:

External link opens in new tab or windowhttps://soundcloud.com/zombies-in-the-basement/evan-coleman-live-featuring-zs-on-guitar

Throughout the span of his career, Evan has had the opportunity to work with artists as diverse as Wilco, Acid House pioneers Phuture, DJ Jesse DeLa Pena, and art rockers Tortoise, to mention a few.

His music highlights his diverse approach and vast set of skills. As producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist, his passion is felt on every project, and live performance.

In 2015/16 Evan held a 24 week residency at Travelle Lounge, in the Langham Hotel via Arlen Entertainment. Weekly he was paired with some of Chicago’s most talented guitarists, and captivated audiences with his smooth mixes, and sublime flute, sax, and synth playing.

His solo, duo, and trio groups mix the DJ/Producer, with the live instrumentalist, and always provide an intriguing, and rich sound. These groups are perfect for bars, VIP Lounges, private parties, and support for headliners.